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Kurt opens his mouth as if to object. He doesn’t, however; instead he takes a look at Logan’s face, really takes stock of his expression, and he uses his open mouth to take in breath instead. He closes it. He closes his eyes. Logan will be able to see, maybe even smell as the elf centers himself, reaches deep into his own heart to find something to hold to long enough to get this all out.

He breathes out. He opens his eyes and looks back to the beer in his hand, as disinterested as before. “You told me before, months ago,that you expected me to do right by Kitty, and that…if I did not, that you would hold me personally accountable, which I very much took to mean would be very uncomfortable for me. And I have..I mean, I have tried at least, to do right by her, not because of any sword of Damocles but because she deserves it, which is not really…the point…”

Another breath in, another breath out, Kurt starts again before he can let his mouth yatter on into nervous German or Romani. “With Carmen having passed, you are…the closest thing Kitty has left to a father. She cares for you very much, I know I do not need to tell you this. And so…”

A third breath in, and this time Kurt braves lifting his eyes to look at Logan’s face instead, like he’s expecting to get hit for this, somehow, “…I am asking for your blessing, to ask her if she would marry me.”

He waits as Kurt pulls himself together, still uneasy that there was a need for that in the first place. Logan furrows his brown when the younger man starts again. Why was he bringing up the warning about not hurting Kitty? A few scenarios ran through his head, none of them particularly ones he wanted to hear. “Are ya leaving her?” The question came out more of a growl than he had even intended.

When Kurt mentioned fathers, Logan stiffened. It wasn’t hard to predict where this was going. Kurt was his best friend and Kitty had been like a daughter to him far before her dad passed. Them together didn’t exactly make him comfortable, but they were happy. But this step, was he ready for it? Ready to see that girl he still had trouble remembering wasn’t a teenager, walk down the aisle? As if he needed another reminder that he was old.

"Yer sure this is what you want? No half considered decisions where Kitty is considered." He glared a little at his friend. He couldn’t help but remember other life decisions Kurt had made that hadn’t stuck to. It wasn’t too long ago the man was trying to become a priest, and now he’s here considering marriage. He sighed, a hand running through his hair.

"You’re good fer her. I don’t like admitting anyone is where she’s concerned, but ya are. You got my blessing if she’ll have ya."  He paused, a hint of a smile on his lips. "But next time ya ask something like this of me, bring better beer."

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[ Grins ]

Hiya, Uncle Lo— [ Stop. Blink. ]  Logan. Yes. Hi.

How ya been?

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-Nods- TJ, been awhile.

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"I’m fine, I’m fine, honestly, what on Earth would give you the impression…” Kurt starts to chatter away, with the same slightly sped-up, slightly higher-pitched tone he’s been using the whole time, like someone’s playing his tape at half again its normal speed. His tail tries to pick up speed as well, until he steps on the spade with the toes of one foot and gives Logan a smile that’s all awkward teeth.

At least, until Logan asks that question, and confusion enters the equation. Kurt looks one way, then the other, before squinting back at Logan’s face. “Quitting? Quitting what? The…the school? The team? Lieber Gott, no, nein, nothing like that at all!”

He huffs a little breath out through his fangs, and Kurt looks down at the label of his beer, picking at it with the fingernails of one hand. “This is less about quitting anything and…and more about starting. Something.”

"Yer babbling." His eyes narrow slightly with irritation as Kurt seems to talk right over him. His eyes flick over to watch the tail pick up speed until Kurt firmly puts a stop to it. Something is bothering the elf bad and Logan can feel his patience running out.

The line about quitting finally grabs Kurt’s attention, causing Logan to stiffen momentarily until the notion is brushed aside. He’d definitely have put up a fight if that had been where his friend was heading.

"Out with it, Elf." It’s not quite a growl but it is far from pleasant. Every movement Kurt made screamed nervous and if the desired effect was to put Logan on edge then it worked.

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As the door opens, it becomes obvious that Kurt is also holding a six-pack of beer in glass bottles. He lifts them and gives them a faint rattle, his expression a sort of lopsided hopefulness. “Logan! Hallo! I…uh. I have brought some beer! I ..would like to talk to you.”

He said that.

Presuming he’s allowed inside, Kurt skitters in, tail keeping close around his ankles as he goes. He selects one of the beers for himself but he doesn’t open it, instead turning its smooth surface over and over in his hands. “I hope you do not mind it, it is Dinkelacker, not… your Canadian beer…”

One eyebrow raises suspiciously as Kurt babbles awkwardly before finally coming in. Something is either very wrong or Kurt is about to give him bad news. “The beer is fine.”

A beat.

"You’re nervous." It’s not a question but the statement sounds more suspicious than Logan meant it to. He could count on one hand the number of times Kurt had been nervous when it was just the two of them, he didn’t like it. "You quitting?"

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"Logan," she greets him easily. "How are you?"

He gives her a soft smile. “Been better, but that ain’t unusual. An’ you?”

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There is a knock on Logan’s door. Outside, clearly identifiable by his scent alone, is Kurt. Nervous Kurt. Nervous, sweaty, fidgety Kurt. Kurt in a state he’s nearly never in. His tail is low around his ankles, flickering mightily back and forth, as he calls through the door. “Logan, mein Freund? I…I need to talk to you, bitte.”

The distinct scent of slight brimstone covered by sweat and remnants of a bath bomb catches Logan’s attention before the knock did. Kurt. It was the smell of the sweat that interests him. Kurt didn’t get nervous, not around him, not like this. The hesitation in the younger man’s voice as it carries through the door combined with the smell makes him grit his teeth.

"Come on then, Elf."

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-Nods- 'Roro. 

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Part One


The mercenary found that Logan’s bed was much softer and plumper than he was used to, he bounced once using his ankles and raised both brows in appreciation. He chewed the pie and ran his tongue across the fork before sticking it back through the pastry. The bow tie was not as comfortable as it looked; Deadpool pulled at it before deciding to ignore it. “You would stab me?” A grin tugged at Wade’s lips as the some food disappeared beyond them.

Deadpool shook his head when Logan suggested that he was always in trouble. His fluffy Canadian friend was not wrong, of course, trouble did seem to find him more often than not. The plate would soon be empty, disappointment would have crept up into his mind if this matter were not so serious and personal.

"This is different trouble.” Wade stated with certainty. “I think I’m being targeted.” A sense of relief washed over him, it felt good to finally be confronting this after what felt like weeks. Sincerity found Deadpool’s voice. “You ever feel like we’re being followed?” At first he was reluctant to look Logan in the eye, Wade turned toward him as he posed the question. 

The Merc With A Mouth shook his head once more. “No,” he protested, finishing the pie as he paused. “I meant us. Weapon Plus subjects.” Wade glanced around before simply placing the plate on the floor; it was nudged under the bed for some cleaner to find later. That was unnecessary but how often was he able to play a prank on the Avengers without severe repercussions?

"And do you remember someone named Butler?” Wade found that the aftertaste, the sensation of saying that word out loud, was awful; the pie settled uncomfortably in his stomach after the name left his lips. Deadpool concealed his face, tugging down the mask… not that it would help.

Logan growled softly. Wade was getting crumbs on his bed. The merc always found a way to get on every one of his nerves. He wanted to throttle Wade. What a stupid question, of course he would stab him. If he thought it’d shut him up he’d never stop stabbing him. This was the start of his goddamn day off. He didn’t want to spend it listening to Wade prattle on about the trouble he always seemed to be in.

But at that name Logan’s mind stopped. He didn’t show it, kept the irritated look on his face, but he sniffed the air. That name and the residual of that smell did have his attention, but he didn’t need Wade knowing that yet.

"What do you want me to tell you? That you smell weird? You do.” The words were an angry growl and he shifted towards Wade threateningly. “You want me to say I’m surprised somebody’s after you? I’m not. This is what you reap when you live the life you do.”

He needed Wade gone. It wasn’t just a matter of getting back to sleep or enjoying it was about processing what this meant. For more than just the idiot in front of him. He was sure the right approach wasn’t just blindly agreeing to anything Wade said, and if Wade was being watched it’d be better to refuse to help, get the jump on it all later. He needed Wade to leave.

"Now unless there’s something else?" 

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