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Hey kid. Ya doin’ alright?

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Jailbreak || Arc: Sword, Shield and Claws



The plan was going to be clean. Simple even. No one else stands out like the one man who’s entire outfit is inspired by the US of A’s flag, and being as he’s used to being the distracting agent, he volunteered for the one job that Deadpool wouldn’t even be able to upstage had he tried. Regardless of how obnoxious his attitude may be, Wade simply doesn’t have the experience that Steve has. ”I’ll get their eyes on me.”

Had it not been a dark and rainy night, their cover may have been blown. After all, they were a team of festively colored soon-to-be escapees. And being how most of the group doesn’t have covert ops military experience, it would have been harder to hide their tracks. So, you can say, that the weather and time were blessings. Having noted the guard tower surveying the grounds, Cap tossed his shield to have struck one of it’s pillars and dropped just mere feet away. THWUNK! 

As the guard grew distracted by the origin of sound he made a small sound, “eh?” After having shone his spotlight onto the shield, he was becoming bewildered as to what was going on. “What the hell is that..?,” he’d exclaimed as he attempted to figure out what this projectile had been. Which now made it Wade’s turn to complete the act. 

Deadpool had slipped on a pair of custom knuckledusters while Captain America got his distraction prepared; the hard, possibly real gold, metal gleamed in the waning light. His right fist read ‘DEAD’ and the left ‘POOL’. The mercenary grit his teeth and clenched his fists tightly together and nodded to Kim. The mutate would be able to teleport him exactly where he needed to go.


The flash of purple caught the watchtower guard’s attention. He turned toward the light and the noise, the smell of brimstone lingered within his nostrils as he asked: “Who—”

Deadpool’s brazen left fist rocketed toward the watchtower guard. “I’m Dr. Deadpool, surprise dentist.” Before he had finished his sentence Deadpool’s arm vibrated with the force of the guard’s teeth splintering beneath the punch. The man’s entire jaw crumpled and folded in on itself with a sickening whumpkrk which Wade Wilson found most satisfying. 


The Merc With A Mouth grabbed an assault rifle which had been baptized in the blood of its former wielder and took aim at the watchtower to the right of him. KABLAM. “Two…” as the second North Korean watchman fell to the floor.

KABLAM "Three…" and the third in the center tower on the far side of the complex.

KABLAM. The justice Deadpool rained down on these men felt almost poetic. “Four.” The last man in the left side corner perished. Wade slung the gun across his shoulder and prepared for the fight. “I declare an actual war.”

Logan ran towards the guard tower when he caught a glimpse of metal. The Colossus clone and the other him, Park. Perfect. He changed directions and shouted at them.

"Hey, big guy! You can throw your pal up there.” This Colossus glanced over before the gunfire started again.

Stay behind me!" Logan growled. He wasn’t listening or he’d written off the suggestion. This is what he gets for trying to teach them to be a team. They need the help.

I’m serious. Pick him up and throw him into the tower.” They didn’t have much time to get this done and the Colossus and Park were looking at him like he was nuts. But the gunfire had paused momentarily.

"What? Really?!" Colossus picked up Park and looked him over, contemplating. Logan could smell the hesitation on his double. They didn’t have time to discuss any more.

"No. This is a bad idea…" Park started but Logan didn’t give him time to finish the thought.

He’s reloading! Up, up, and away, bub! It’s called a fastball special." Colossus launched Park and they watched as he sailed towards the tower, letting out a scream.

And then he went right over the tower and kept going. A brief moment of relief that he hadn’t asked to be thrown himself crossed Logan’s mind before he looked awkwardly at the other Colossus.

"Well… Keep at it." He muttered before turning to continue the assault barely hearing Colossus’s reply of "Park will be very angry." The familiar shapes of Storm and Cyclops could be made out in the dust of the fight and Logan smiled. He could just hear the other Storm giving directions for when Cyclops should open his eyes. Even as a clone she took charge. He shook the thought from his head as a huge optic blast destroyed the tower along with a cry from the other Cyclops.

"How I’ve dreamed of bringing down these walls." The fight was still only just getting started.

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     “Yeah; a smoke and something to
      repel unwanted company. But don’t
      we all?”

"All I got is an extra cigar. But if I’m one o’ the unwanted I won’t bother ya."

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Need something darlin’?

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"It’s heartwarming as ever to see you pick and choose who you think should live and who you think shouldn’t, oh holier than thou.” Her expression was stoic as nearly spat the words at him.

"Ain’t about who lives and who don’t, it’s about who I promised to protect." The words come out as an angered growl and he takes a step forward. "I’m givin’ ya a chance to leave."

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"Don’t be a hypocrite. Look at the blood on your hands before you want to judge, lover." The tension was high now, and the smirk that was once ridden tightly on her face was slowly moving into a nasty snarl.

He stiffened slightly, glaring hard at her. “This ain’t about judging, she’s one o’ ours. Wouldn’t be as inclined to rip you t’ pieces if it was just another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.”

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-Nods- Rhodes.

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Is there a problem with me being here? She raised a brow.

"After what ya did t’ Blaire, I’d say so." He spat the words at her, as he barely kept in another growl.

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-Nods- Neena.

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God no. You couldn’t pay me enough.”

"Pay ya for what, kid?"

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