"Don’t be a hypocrite. Look at the blood on your hands before you want to judge, lover." The tension was high now, and the smirk that was once ridden tightly on her face was slowly moving into a nasty snarl.

He stiffened slightly, glaring hard at her. “This ain’t about judging, she’s one o’ ours. Wouldn’t be as inclined to rip you t’ pieces if it was just another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.”

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-Nods- Rhodes.

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Is there a problem with me being here? She raised a brow.

"After what ya did t’ Blaire, I’d say so." He spat the words at her, as he barely kept in another growl.

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-Nods- Neena.

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+ clawedcanadian


God no. You couldn’t pay me enough.”

"Pay ya for what, kid?"

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Jailbreak || Arc: Sword, Shield and Claws


Steve whom had been previously focusing on the group that had arrived turned his neck towards his colleagues (if you can consider Deadpool a colleague even if he did ‘save’ the presidents) and Kim to chime in on the conversation.

"Well, we damn well better not screw it up, then." The last word wasn’t paused intentionally but had been added last second.

Logan stifled another low growl but looked to Steve and nodded. This had to be done carefully, he knew that, especially because of Cap’s involvement. He had to keep pushing down the urge to just let loose. He straightened slightly, glancing from Wade to Steve.

"What’s the plan?"

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-Nods- Brand.

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He let’s out a low growl. ”Ain’t wise coming ‘round here.”

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He let out a snort. “So I guess we can skip the ‘girl-brings-boyfriend-to-dinner-with-the-parents-for-the-first-time’ part and go straight to the part where we drink alcoholic beverages on the porch together while you make me promise to take care of her for the rest of my life, huh?”

Peter shot him an unimpressed look of his own. “And I was supposed to know by just—” he gestured at him carelessly. “—looking at you, yeah. You’re the very picture of youthful vigor.”

Logan cracks another smile and shakes his head. “Ain’ gonna pull any promise from ya other than not to hurt her. She can live her own life well enough. Just thought ya should know what’d be waiting for ya if you hurt her. You wouldn’t be the first I’ve punished for it neither.” He looked Quill up and down and smirked teasingly. “Nor the last, probably.”

He rolled his eyes and sighed. “Ya knew I was a mutant, saw the claws earlier, but still went for ‘fountain o’ youth’ as an explanation. That ain’t using yer head, kid.”

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Not every day a girl gets addressed as politely as that. 

Don’t take it personally, call most that.

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